Fundamentalist Christians overwhelmingly vote Republican and a lot of the reason why is that they don’t believe in any sort of future. Even though Christians have been foretelling the second coming of Christ as an imminent event for over a thousand years, these people believe it’s going to be tomorrow.

I have a friend who works in a Bookstore and he says that he can spot a Fundamentalist as they walk in the door - they head in as straight a bee-line as possible to the Left Behind Series shelf, grab the one that interests them and try not to see anything else as they check out and leave, assuredly hoping to not be tempted by secular literature.

These are people who don’t care about the environment because they think it’s all going to be burned to crisp and repurified by their redeemer.
These are people who don’t care about the poor, needy, afflicted, and destitute because they are all just contributing to the signs of the world’s decadence and the impending doom that we’re all going to be subjected to, any minute.
These are people who love the idea of turmoil in the Middle-East because it was foretold and will envelope the world in a massive world-war which will bring about the end that much quicker and they’ll be rapturized anyway so $%@! the rest of us.
These are really scary people.

Well, I have to live here too and you people and your mythology don’t have a right to mess it all up just so you can have a grand self-fulfilling prophecy that leaves us all suffering the disasterous results of your Armageddon. Stop it now.