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    Success Warrior

    Kind of a whiny bitch, aren't you?

    a rose is a rose

    i am SOOOOOOO pissed. i wrote this big ol' thing here and then my stupid ass laptop rebooted BY ITSELF and i lost everything. i'm too tired to re-write it

    basically i said WELCOME BACK, i'm sorry some people are assholes, i told a little tale about one of my ex-bosses and then i said welcome back again. oh i also said i thought success warrior had a grand sense of humor

    oh and nice picture of sarge


    You know Rose, I am in that picture with Sarge, right?

    I am sure you meant to apologize that Success Warrior is an asshole!! And I thank you for that.

    a rose is a rose

    you ARE in that picture aren't you? i hadn't noticed. and no i didn't mean to apologize for success warrior at all (he's funny)


    it's a conspiracy

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