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    a rose is a rose

    as you know i loved the secret life of bees as well. i may even see the movie.

    i was quite impressed with joe hill too. sometimes pedigrees DO work!

    as always, you've put a few in the mix i would never have thought to read (or heard of for that matter) and you inspire


    I just love good books. I had a conversation with a friend today and she explained that she reads books not to be challenged or inspired, but just to pass the time and escape into lands where everything works out wonderfully. I can't stand that kind of book. I want to read about suffering and struggle and tremendous trials that test human beings to their limits, push them beyond, and lead to insights into the human condition. I read to be challenged and I read to learn.


    I added Secret Life of Bees, Poisonwood Bible, and Ghost Soldiers to my library queue. Thanks for the recommendations.


    Hmm. Your mention of the Truman book reminds me, was that you who was reading the TR Roosevelt bio, and if so, may I borrow it?

    BTW, I never got into the Yiddish Policeman's Union book or whatever it is called.

    What were you saying about Malcolm Gladwell? You've read all his stuff, but are not actually a big fan? I read Blink and LOVED it. I read the Tipping Point and liked it a whole lot. I'm worried it is too soon to read another by him; I don't want to get sick of him.


    This is useful--I am looking to expand my reading--you can learn alot from great writers (I know this from knowing you)


    (Oh new blog title is Ravings of a Semi-Mad Woman. Just in case, ya know...

    Aunt Em

    Hi, Rick. Just want to send you an e-mail, but don't know how. Problem with being a computer illiterate old woman.

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