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    I hope he does.

    a rose is a rose

    wonderful! i'm gonna 'steal' it (i'll give ya credit though)


    well...it isn't a bunny or kitty but I guess it works.


    Don't say it, not even in fun. Bunnies are just too fucking dangerous. I say slap a kitty head on 'im.


    This is the first election I've wanted to vote in since Reagan, and Obama is the man I'd vote for, but I still can't look at him and not see Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager.

    I think it's the ears.


    Dude - are doing a blog break too? What's up with that?


    I was wondering if Rick was coming back too. Sure do miss the blog


    Word on the street is he is REALLY busy at work. Like seven days a week, maybe??? However, do NOT cross your fingers that winter comes soon so he will be done working.

    I am pretty sure we are in the middle of at least one story--the one about the zany roommate, Dylan???

    CVRick, you OWE us.


    I am sure I do have one that you could borrow. Gold, Silver, Bead-y, Sparkly, many options to choose from.


    He apparently has three more days of work left and he has cleaned is office, so there is a chance that he might decide to post something new here some day soon. No guarantee, just thinking it might happen.

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