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    a rose is a rose

    that's wicked cool except for the part where i gave myself a giant steamin' headache from making her keep switching directions


    I have seen this one before, I see it counter clockwise, but then I can switch it back and forth. Of course now I am slightly cross eyed. Will they stay this way? ;)


    I didn't really pay attention to the image. However, I suspect I'm already slightly cross-eyed and I wonder if staring at it will improve or worsen my cross-eyed-ness.

    Success Warrior

    Clockwise for me until I tried to make her go the other way.

    CV Rick

    Clockwise for me as well . . . it took a while before I could see her going the other direction .. . I had to focus on her non pivot foot.


    Counter Clockwise and I refuse to force her to go any other way. She seems perfectly happy to go counter clockwise.

    CPH Jones

    Interesting. When I first looked at the dancer she was moving clockwise. I clicked on the link and the image on the other side was moving counter clockwise. I clicked back here to re-check the image and it too was moving counterclockwise. I just scrolled up to the top of the page and now it's moving clockwise again. Does this mean I'm a mental retard?

    CV Rick

    CPH Jones: No you aren't a mental retard . . . but your issues run deep. For $165 an hour you can sit and chat with me about it and we'll see if we can make progress. I think a weekly session for 10 years ought to do.


    I'm going to need the same program as CPH Jones. The same thing happened when I looked at the image, but I interpreted this to mean that I use both sides of my brain equally. How many sessions to get to the bottom of this one?

    CV Rick

    Umm, at least a decade's worth.


    Clockwise for me. I can switch at will, but it's always clockwise for first impression when I come back to it.


    Clockwise here too... What does it say that most here saw it clockwise, but most of the population are supposed to see it going anti-clockwise? Hmmm...

    new deep

    All I see is tits and ass, so I guess I know what my problem is.


    new deep ----> ROFLMAO!

    I was worried that I was a secret hetero because all I could see was rotating breasts.


    She's moving clockwise, and, for the life of me, I can't get her to change directions. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would look at the same image and see her going the opposite direction.

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