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    a rose is a rose

    i am disgusted as well. i just don't know if we are too far gone (as a country) at this point.

    can this be fixed?

    what percentage of americans think something is wrong? NOT anywhere near all of 'em. you know that and i know that

    Success Warrior

    Are you sure all the assassins were Conservative?


    Sirhan Sirhan -- RFK's assassin -- was supposedly angry because of Bobby's support of Israel during the war:


    Not sure if that makes him a conservative... but he was a religious nut... but all the other assassins were solidly conservative. The only "liberal" political violence I know of are:

    1) the SLA (posers)
    2) the Nation of Islam assassins of Malcolm X (fools)
    3) the Weathermen (renounced violence against people, set off small bombs in around 20 empty buildings, including the capital building!)

    any others?

    CV Rick

    Liberal on Conservative violence is much more rare than Conservative on Liberal violence. I'd like to fix that inequity, but I'm only one guy. Any volunteers?

    a rose is a rose

    i won't do violence BUT i sure would be part of a revolution.


    What? Did you stop writing, CV?

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