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    Wow, now that's what I like, a blog that caters to ME, and practically immediately!!!!

    Thanks for the answers. I knew you weren't ignoring me b/c you are too geeky to not discuss this show. You've been busy, and I slipped my questions into an unrelated post.

    More questions or comments.

    Want to know what the evil Cylon plan is for Sharon & Helo's baby Hera.

    Mary McDonnell: Hot? I think so, except sometimes when she has that wince-y face, which I think she does to highlight her cheekbones (which ARE nice).

    When does season 4 come out on DVD?

    I'm sure I'll come up with more questions. I am about 1/2 way through season 3. I have about 6-7 episodes left.


    Tricia Helfer (#6) and Lucy Lawless (D'Anna): Not hot?

    Sharon: hot.

    Gaeta: potentially very hot, currently to tightly wound to be hot.

    CV Rick

    As far as I can ascertain, Hera is the key to merging Cylon and Human genetics, creating a perpetuating species . . . the Adam, biblically, in a union between the Heavenly Father (human) and Heavenly Mother (cylon). But that's colored by my understanding of the show from the 70's, which was written by a pair of Mormons.

    The wincey face of Mary McDonnell is a real turn-off. It's like she's trying too hard for an emotion she's not capable of as an actress.

    Season 4 begins rebroadcast on August 30th on Universal HD. . . If I can figure out how to get that and obtain an HD T.V. by then, the episodes can be viewed at my house, every Saturday Night.

    CV Rick

    Tricia Helfer . . . hot, from a distance. She the kind to be admired but one I'm not interested in actually knowing - a trophy. Lucy Lawless, not hot. Sharon: Hot. Gaeta - no idea.


    Wait - who is Sharon and how is Gaela?

    I don't know them or if I agree with your hot/not assessment.

    Tricia is hot. Period. Now she is a little ice queen. Which has me worried at your response.

    Lucy - not hot, we all agree. She is too manly. As is that other blond one that is all serious and flies around and shit.

    What about the president lady? She is kinda hot.


    I mean despite the cancer.


    Sharon is the Asian Cylon woman who is part of the fleet, and for sure she is hot.

    Gaeta is the guy, dark wavy hair, works for the fleet but not a pilot. He's a guy in the command room who does communcations or something. I think he is a little tightly wound and needs to get laid. I like him and would be willing to help. Oh, per the imdb he (Alessandro Juliani) is from Montreal.

    The president lady is hot, but not with the wince-y face, I think we all agree. BTW, her cancer is all better.

    Tricia is too icy to be hot; she was hotter in the few episodes where she didn't have that gross white blonde hair.

    Adama? He's fairly hot. Personality plays a role in his being hot.


    Here is a photo of Gaius and Gaeta. Gaeta is on the right.


    Oh, in the photo CV Rick posted above, from left to right is Tricia Hilfer (#6 aka Caprica), Lucy Lawless, and Grace Park (Sharon).


    Got it.
    I am glad we have that settled.
    And that we can use Rick's blog to have conversations that we could have had numerous other ways.


    I know! But he's a whore for comments, so he probably doesn't mind.

    CV Rick

    You can't talk about me as if I'm not here.

    a rose is a rose

    although i do not watch this show, i MUST chime in now. i take umbrage with all y'all who said XENA IS NOT HOT. that is SO NOT TRUE

    (i could do without the blonde hair though. although that is more near her natural color than the black of xena's)


    Sorry, Rose

    She was way hotter than she is now when she was on Xena and beat people up while wearing a metal and leather breast plate. She was, however for my taste still too masculine. I like womanly women.

    Rick, we can so talk about you as if you are not here. Mostly, because it is fall soon and you won't be here. (sad face)


    Not hot on Galactica. Seriously. Dumb over-hairsprayed hair, beady eyes, smirking. On Xena, she was completely hot.

    I have another question/comment. In some episode, Chief went nuts and beat the crap out of Cally. Bloodied her face to a lumpen pulp. And later Cally married him.

    W.T.F. ???!!?!

    Whatever on the stupid effing plotline of a woman loving a man who beat her into a hospital bed, but why did Chief go nuts in the first place?


    And back to talking about Rick. :)

    He is such a whore for being called a whore for comments!!!!! (Well, not a whore at all actually. I wonder if having the word "whore" four times on your blog will have any effect on who comes to read this.)

    Hey, when he's off working, we can keep talking about him here, to help keep the comment count up.

    Success Warrior REALLY needs to chime in here with stories about Rick. Or funny remarks, at least.


    Rick is a whore for comments. He wanted me to read the story thing at the top of the page, to comment. I don't READ!?! he knows that.

    I am listing to Dream Weaver right now in my pj's. I am hot, hot enough to be on Battle Star Galactica...I just don't think they have job on the ship that fits my skills. ummmmmmm, well maybe Whore. Ships need Whores, right?

    As for the whole chief thing, I don't really watch this show so I can't say. Maybe he bought her pretty necklace and some chocolates or something and she forgave him?


    Well, maybe not every Saturday night, but it might be fun to watch the season opener... that would involve a lot of technical work on your part, and some snack-making work on someone's part, and some showing up work on my part and maybe Dan und Mike, so think again before tantalizing tv offers are made


    Totally confused as to why hearing that song meant those 4 were Cylons. Some guy from Minnesota wrote the song that IDs them to themselves as Cylons? Rick, please explain.

    Let me say I totally recognized the Dylan tune at the first reference.

    CV Rick

    Unfortunately I am not going to be able to get the new fancy t.v. before the start of the show (and we don't get that particular channel in this market anyway).

    As far as the song, I don't have a good explanation for why that particular song is used. I don't have a problem with it if they make a connection between the Galactica show/people and our own present (universal link, etc.) I think the show's creator picked it because it fit in with the dialogue - - remember when Colonel Tigh was saying some of the lyrics? "There must be some way out of here"


    Oh come on; he was saying that b/c of the song!

    Anyhoo, oh well, I'll wait to see the rest.


    Hey, whatever happened with the season 4 rebroadcast on August 30th???

    Also, your readers miss you. We are all bereft, floating out here.

    It's like in Ender's Game, or the one after that book, when Ender turns off the ear-thing with the computer voice/friend (named Jane??) just for a minute, but to Jane, it is an eternity. And she is hurt when he turns it back on. I may be mis-remembering a lot of this.

    Can you BELIEVE I could make an Orson Scott Card reference??? I only read Ender's Game and the two after that, and I only really liked Ender's Game.


    My suggestion for everyone waiting for Rick, is to go over to MY blog and watch something while you are waiting. I have a ton of videos up, they are like books only you don't have to read and things move and there is more sound...you know...not just the sound of your head and breathing and whatever. Videos...okay, not at all like books.

    Which is the basis of one of my favorite books, the Alphabet vs. the Goddess...there is a vague and fairly uncorroborated connection the book states to the written word and the act of reading being the cause of our patriarchal society and all the ills it brings upon woman.
    With the current rise of computer delivered information, less hand writing, more image based/video based consumption, etc. our brains are actually turning towards a matriarchal perspective.
    Sounds cool, huh?
    Watch videos, worship the goddess and woman will make it all better. (not Sarah Palin...not all women are helpful)


    I can't wait to get my hands on this issue! I'm looking forwrad to seeing cards created for Teacher Appreciation Day & National Cupcake day! Thanks for the chance to win


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