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    When I was a teenager I took care of a woman with MS. I remember driving around parking lots for a handicap/or wheelchair accessable space so I could get her and her wheel chair out of the van without dinging any cars. More often than not I would witness walking and reasonably healthy people getting out of their cars with the little blue tags, while I was parking in BFE.
    Why would you WANT to be in a wheel chair? I would have crippled her other ankle. Sheesh.
    It's good to have a blog from you. :)

    Jennifer aka SillyNut

    Yeah, that makes me sick.

    Even when my mom had a handicap tag for her car, no one else EVER used it if she wasn't in the car with us. You just.... you........



    My mom has degenerative arthritis and diabetes and is 90% wheel-chair bound and refuses to use the handicap accessible parking because she thinks that there are those who have greater mobility challenges.

    Your client is pathetic.

    I admire your restraint, because I would have pushed her down the stairs and driven over her with her "mobility aid". I would then bitch-slap her doctor for authorizing a parking tag for the whiny, lazy wretch.

    a rose is a rose

    i believe i've mentioned this before (and i believe it was on your blog, but perhaps i'm wrong). anyway,our new building (work) has a huge parking lot all around the building. it's a complete circle. even if one parks at the outer reaches, it STILL isn't a long walk in. it really isn't. i have studied the people who park in the handicapped spaces at work (well elsewhere too). 90% of them are MORE able-bodied than me. not only that, i personally see about 1/2 of the 90% working out in the gym. full OUT in the gym. then there is the man who has ONE LEG. he does NOT wear a prosthetic either. he has ONE LEG and crutches. oh did i mention, HE DOES NOT USE A HANDICAPPED SPACE?

    i swear it is a pet peeve of mine. i want to bitch-slap every person i see parking in a handicapped space that doesn't need to. i am foaming at the mouth now. NOT pretty at all


    Some people are eternal victims - they make me sick, pissed off, and totally disgusted. Cheers to Sid's mom, the one legged man, and other's who refuse to be victims.

    circus watcher

    Hello CV Rick,

    My DW has rheumatoid arthritis. At one point I had to cut her food for her, but she could eat on her own. This ladies handicapp is not her lack of mobility, it lies somewhere else.


    I listened to this eidsope as much as I could bear. I usually love listening to your show, and listen to it in it's entirety. I couldn't handle listening to Josh act so pathetic. I think that he needs an intervention, instead of you guys sympathizing and assuming that he has made himself feel bad enough about the things he has done. I quite frankly am tired of the mopey Eeyore Josh, and to be brutally honest I am bored of it!! Still love you guys and love the show just drop the self deprecation bit Josh!

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