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    Rick, seeing The Terror in your list made me think you might like this article/essay/message Dan Simmons wrote for his site:


    It opens up with some comments on the seeming arbitrariness with which bookstores assign fiction titles to genres (he thinks The Terror belongs more to literature than to fantasy or horror, mostly because of the amount of historical research he put into the book), but the bulk of it is about the relationships Henry James had with Robert Louis Stevenson and H. G. Wells, three writers whose work Simmons claims had much to do with the beginnings of chopping fiction into genres.

    Oh, and Simmons also has a great series of eight (so far) articles on his site about the craft of writing.

    CV Rick

    Thanks, Paul. I'll have to get into that article and his craft posts later tonight. Looks like a lot of reading.


    Rick, I want to remind you to include the Savage Love podcast in your repertoire. I think you would really like it. Toss it onto your listening list and LMK if you like it!

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