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    a rose is a rose

    what does fasting have to do with god or with joseph smith or with salvation?

    i have friends who are (still) practicing catholics. when lent comes and they give something up, i just want to bitch slap them. i wonder if they even KNOW why they're giving something up (other than it's sort of required).

    i don't have issues with people believing in god (i really don't. i think most people NEED to believe in god because they're too afraid NOT to).

    i DO have issues with people making up all sorts of EXTRA stuff they think their god likes them to do or not to do.

    Calamity Jane

    Oh God, I don't know how many times my sweet, scatterbrained mother made us pray with her to find her keys.

    I never did Fast Sunday. My parents "strongly encouraged" it, but didn't force it, I think because I was such a skinny girl that everyone thought I was anorexic, and they were afraid I would tell people that they starved me.

    Success Warrior

    Rose, by denying the body, a person is brought closer to the Lord. Probably because they spend so much time praying for food. "Dead god, please let me eat."

    God was watching out for me. My mom gets terrible migraine headaches if she goes too long without food so we just paid our fasting fee and went on with our life.

    C. L. Hanson

    "the other half was too far gone with hunger and fatigue to notice if Christ himself were crawling around under the pews looking for his own keys."

    ROTFL, OK this line nearly led to one of those beer-spewed-on-computer-screen incidents. You see, It's not quite fast Sunday at my house. ;)

    Here's the happiest type of Fast Sunday growing up Mormon.

    a rose is a rose

    your god doesn't get pissed when you bother him for stupid shite like finding keys?

    hell s w, we only had to not eat meat on fridays and not eat at all prior to receiving communion. that wasn't bad if you went to EARLY sunday mass. i do believe that's changed now though.

    isn't it funny how god wants us to celebrate him with all of these DIFFERENT rituals.

    we all had THE one true god too!

    The Angry Young Man

    Huh. I think now I understand why my old housemate (a former, picture perfect Mormon until he gave into the gay) was so eager to help me move. He flew up to Seattle, at his own expense, and helped me pack up the van and move my crap down to SF. I was amazed by this display of generosity and kindness. Now I see it was just some sorta kneejerk, involuntary response left over from his days as a choir boy at the tabernacle or whatever. Unbelievable!


    Well let's see here, on page 87 of the "Mind Control Manual" it clearly states that establishing a recurring bout of bodily weakness due to induced hunger, infirmity, and/or pain will bring about susceptability to belief in whatever you are told. Fasting is a form of religious water-boarding.

    CV Rick

    As Reg pointed out, fasting does make one susceptible.

    I'd like to point out that early in the Mormon Church History, at the dedication of the Navou, Illinois Temple, Joseph Smith made all the men fast for days and then got them blitzed on wine - yes, alcohol and a lot of it - but he blessed it so that it wouldn't get them 'drunk' or so he claimed.

    Then he claimed visions and said things like, "Did you feel that? Did you see that? That was the spirit of the Lord." After the dedication he had a lot of extra witnesses to divinity.

    Krista, keep with the cult all you want . . . defend them with apologetics, but nothing of what I speak can't be verified with a little research.


    A Buddhist might certainly use the act of fasting in some manner as part of their practice, but their practice is not forced upon them by anyone god or man or representative of a god. The practice for a Buddhist is one that is desired by the Buddhist, controlled by the Buddhist and with the goal of "Mindfulness" and understanding the nature of impermanence and reaching a higher plane of existence.
    The Buddhist practice of fasting is NEVER to find lost keys and NEVER to talk about lost keys in large groups of other hungry seekers.

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