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    a rose is a rose

    i have seen all of the movies and i agree with all (NOT the positions on the list though) EXCEPT for wrath of khan. i didn't think that was the best one of the star trek series. i LOVED escape from new york. i didn't think anyone else saw it.

    Tim Mulcahy

    Not a bad list. Personally, I would replace Matrix with the 13th Floor, Wrath of Khan (which I thought sucked) with Contact, Escape from New York with The Thing (John Carpenters)and Strange days with The day the Earth Stood Still.

    Also, even though I liked Alien it probably should go since it was a remake of a 1950's movie called It the Terror from Beyond Space with Marshall Thompson. If it has to be replaced, it should be with eithr Pitch Black or Dark City. Both of those should be on the list somewhere.

    Blade Runner is numero uno.

    Success Warrior

    Snake Plissken. I thought you were dead.

    Jonathan Blake

    If you haven't seen the latest edition of Blade Runner, I highly recommend it. (i.e. Blade Runner: The Final Cut)


    They should thank us with cash. :)

    CV Rick

    Rose, don't tell me you liked the crying whales star trek?

    Tim, Contact didn't make the cut because 2001 was far better in the same vein. Strange Days is an underappreciated masterpiece, and there's no way Snake Plissken is getting left out. I would go with you on Pitch Black or Dark City, but I just couldn't fit them in. And, about Alien - it has to stay, it's an important film.

    Success Warrior, Plissken never dies. They are doing an Escape from New York remake this year.

    Jonathan, every cut of Blade Runner tells a different story - each one of them superb.

    Cherise, they do owe us.


    Blade Runner - absolutely! The soundtrack is awesome, too. I'm glad you gave a nod to Alien - Sigourney Weaver made that movie.

    Thank all the gods Pitch Black wasn't on the list because that movie sucked worse than a closeted Republican senator - Vin Diesel could have run around naked and I still would have hated the blasted movie. Great premise, but extremely poor delivery.

    An honorable mention should be Gattaca, 1997, with Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.


    I always forget I've never seen any of the Alien movies. There, I just added Alien to my queue. Also added Escape From New York. Not usually my type of movie, but I'm glad to try new things.


    Just a comment- Don't look for the lines "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...like tears in the rain." in the Dick novella or Fancher's or Peoples's screenplays. They were added by my favorite actor of all time- Rutger Hauer. (Scott rightly left them in.)

    a rose is a rose

    yes rick i LOVED the crying whales star trek and i quote from it often on my blog. star trek iv, the voyage home. i get all emotional especially at the end. the enterprise has been destroyed. they're in some puny shuttle craft waiting to see their new ship. suddenly a NEW enterprise comes into view. makes me all warm.
    BUT it's STILL NOT my favorite.
    it could be star trek iii the search for spock OR star trek-first contact (how can you NOT love dr zefram cochrame. FATHER of the warp drive???)

    Tim Mulcahy

    I can't believe I forgot Gattaca. That is one of the best SF movies ever made. In fact I would put in front of Pitch Black, which btw was a very cutting edge movie in the genre on the same order as Alien or Gattaca. In fact, I would argue that the Vin Diesel character is a better and (dare I say it) more believable in the SF genre as an antihero than Snake.

    Escape from N.Y, Escape from LA, they fall in with movies like Mad Max and Army of Darkness, tongue and cheek films that actually point fun at the genre. In intself that's not bad but I wouldn't put any of them in the top ten.

    CV Rick

    Gattaca, yes. I feel awful that I left out Gattaca. Shame on me.

    Vin Diesel over Kurt Russell? It's close, but Russell wins because he has discernible weaknesses - he's still human and Vin Diesel is anything but.


    I'm not really big on scifi movies, but there are a few that live in my memory, like Blade Runner But the one I loved the most... Bruce Dern in Silent Running.

    a rose is a rose

    i take umbrage with you all (almost you all) gattaca sucked a BIG ONE

    CV Rick

    Oh come on, Gattaca was a near-perfect realization of dystopia in the Aldous Huxley model. You've got to appreciate that by revealing that kind of future, we can work to avoid it. That's what Science Fiction is at its core, a challenge to society and a call toward thoughtful ethics.

    Tim Mulcahy

    Flame war. Who dares attack Gattaca? Gattaca sucks but Wrath of Khan is great. Oh come on.

    Stephen Prosapio

    Great list. I've never heard of Strange Days and since I've loved all the other films on the list, I'm off to add it to my netflix!

    CV Rick

    Some others didn't like Strange Days, Stephen. Me, I obviously thought it was an important film.


    Alien: did not like. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Icky do not like bugs, snakes, slimy creatures and the creature in this movie was just way to gross and awful for me to watch it.


    very scary movies

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