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    a rose is a rose

    i actually DID this one

    The Angry Young Man

    Huh. I forgot you were born in Merced. I had some decent Mexican food there once.

    CV Rick

    I read it over on your blog, Rose - nicely done.

    AYM, I was born in Merced. Besides decent Mexican food it's responsible for filling the world with joy and happiness.


    I like that new show, Eli Stone.

    Merced, eh? I used to do consulting there at the community college, setting up their HR and Payroll system. There was an AMAZING Mexican food place we'd go to for lunch. The last day, we bugged out early and went there and had margaritas with our meal and it was sublime. The next regional conference in July is going to be hosted at the community college - and all I can say is that the a/c better be workin'.

    Great answers, CV.


    I enjoyed your answers and yes sometimes I wonder what perverse thought induced someone to ask a specific question. I love your children answer.

    julieann henneman

    Lighten UP Francis! LOL

    {JulieAnn who thinks Rick is too grumpy to do these kinds of memes}

    CV Rick

    Grumpy?? I'm striving for the day that I can assume the title, Curmudgeon. Then I'll have accomplished everything.

    super scary movies

    Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do, but my "guilty pleasures" are reading murder mysteries and going to scary movies with my neighbor. Also, chocolate calls my name!

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