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    Wow. I think this is the most depressing blog of all... Trading Johnny Cash and Charlie Pride for Donnie and Marie??? Bleh! That's awful! My dad had a kickin record collection and while he was at work I would play them on my fischer price record player; Zepplin, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath and yes Glen Miller and Puccini, too. Of course all those records were ruined because being 5 I didn't realize you were supposed to LIFT the needle to get from song to song, I would just drag it across the record. ;p

    Success Warrior

    That's not spirituality. It's fear and weakness. I agree that if you have a particular weakness then you should avoid situations that exploit it. If you can't look at a Dolly Parton album cover without getting a chubby and you think that's bad, you should get rid of the cover.

    My dad felt that isolating yourself from the world made you weak and small minded. Your dad would have freaked if he saw the records we had, the Marilyn Monroe tribute book, and all the alcohol in the basement of the Buttrock house (not 20 feet from his bedroom - Aaaaaaaaarrrgh!). No one in my house drank but my dad did a lot of entertaining and some of those people drank so he kept quite a bit of alcohol on hand.

    Being an isolationist seems like a lonely way to go.


    Like that Fisher-Price record player in the photo! I hear they actually have really good sound.

    Jonathan Blake

    Hearing about Johnny Cash and Personal Jesus, I had to look it up on YouTube. Excellent cover.

    a rose is a rose

    the american series of johnny cash albums is some of the best music ever produced (thank you rick ruben). his cover of hurt (on the same one personal jesus is on. i think it's american iv, the man comes around) is one of THE most melancholy songs i've ever heard. here's the link to a video of it


    The Angry Young Man

    Reading stories about your dad makes me really sad, Rick.

    M. Spencer

    sounds all too familiar. i too grew up mormon but my parents converted before i was born. i guess they got rid of all their good records before i was born so all i had to listen too (only with special permission of course) was a nat king cole christmas record and several tabernacle albums. ah the bubble.

    CV Rick

    You do know what it's like then, M. Spencer. Hell on earth in the guise of heavenly directive.


    The Church sucks all of the joy out of life...

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