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    a rose is a rose

    even though i'm in the insurance/financial industry (yeah, i know. however, i happen to LIKE my job. i was a director before this. managed several people and a call center for agents. THAT was horrid. same company but now i'm a ba and i LOVE it. sure there is some ot and WAY too many meetings but i get to use my mind), i digress, most of my friends are in the serivce industry. bartenders and servers. you have NO IDEA how hard that is. you also have NO idea how much like an office it can be too. just on a smaller scale


    I don't want any job that has to do with other peoples feet, teeth or bodily fluids. Bleh!
    Dirty Jobs is a great show, I never miss an episode. I hopelessly twitterpated with Mike Rowe.;)

    Tim Mulcahy

    I don't want any job other than the one I've got. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I really have a job.


    Rick, you DO know not ALL engineering is like your old job, right?


    I thought it was just me, I can not imagine being an actor, having to act out a stupid part in front of others, let alone have it captured for all desparity on film to be endured time after painful time.

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