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    heh, AmWay...I used to have friends...then they tried to sell me AmWay...now they own a bus to haul people to rallies...

    I was "forced" into the selling of stuff as a kid. I was good at it. I was consistantly the top seller of FFA fruit 3 years running, I also had to sort all the boxes looking for bad fruit, and deliver them after chores were done...needless to say it wasn't worth the $1 or $2 per box I made. Don't even get me started ont the 4-H fundraisers crap...

    a rose is a rose

    i don't know if i can read any more. it is really upsetting to me. i KNOW even wally and the beeve and ozzie and harriet had a dysfunctional family. i KNOW everyone did. nothing is ever as it seems on the outside. but geeze rick.

    i think it's important and healthy to teach a child a good work ethic. i don't think it's healthy to beat that child OR to even threaten to beat that child. i don't think a child should be made (even if he or she is a bit older, say high school) to work from morning until 10 at night.

    i'm surprised you have sarge (and absolutely delighted i must say) if you were attacked when you were younger.

    speaking of which (and coincidentially) i stop for coffee every morning (about 2:30 or 3:00 am) at a place frequented by state police, h artford police and capital police. this morning when pulling in i could see soemthing HUGE perched on the hood of someone's car. then i could hear some serious barking. when i got closer i could see it was a state police car with a hound on the hood, with NO leash on him. he had stopped barking but he sure didn't look all too friendly. when i went it, ione (the coffee babe) floated past me in a whoosh saying, 'i'll be right back'. she dashed outside (i went to the door to watch) and handfed something to that hound. turns out they stop most mornings (i have NEVER seen them) and the hound gets a treat. he wimpers and/or barks until she comes out. after his treat, he hops back in the car and waits for his human companion. oh and in case you were wondering, ione was wearing gloves (i wouldn't have minded if she wasn't though).


    Tidbit about Mormonism in the NYT. I wish they'd've mentioned the talking hat!



    Argh AmWay, I remember having friends who would say, we want you to come over we have something I know you will love and want. It was always AmWay, thank heavens I have some kind of radar, because I always said no.

    Rick, I am amazed at your childhood and never know what to say, but I look forward to your next episode. Always.

    Rose, great story. For some reason the K-9 unit here always heads for my crotch. I've never understood why, and I am definately whispered about by the officers.

    Flimsy Sanity

    If you Google Amway and Blackwater, you will see where that private army got its start up. Amway is considered a business cult and shares a lot of characteristics of Moonies and others re: indoctrination, structure, etc.

    Great story by the way. I have a T-shirt that has a Banner across the top that says "Adult Children of Normal Parents Annual Convention" and there is a huge auditorium with just two people sitting in the seats.


    Cujo sounds ominous...


    . He was askin for pete's sake.Personally, Orwell, as soon as I found out my host was gay, I'd mention to him my reoilign and ask if he had any objection. Because. Nick. Some people seem to dislike Mormons on principle. As others dislike gays. Mo-Ho, #26, I love your posts, btw, good question.#29, pretty good post for a non-Mormon visitor. I have to tell you, in all honesty, the only angst-ridden person here is me. I'm quite Jewish that way.jm be nice and not embarrass the rest of us LOL. I love it. For so many reasons. I wish people would stop embarrassing me.

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