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    a rose is a rose

    that means they would have to be honorable individuals.

    that's kind of funny, no?

    Tim Mulcahy

    I listened to the whole thing. Frankly, I think Romney handled himself pretty well. The interviewer was a total asshole. In fact, it wasn't really an interview. If that guy interrupted me the way he did Romney, I would have walked off the show but not before getting in his face and telling him what a piece of shit he was and that if he wanted to sit there and spout his own beliefs, I didn't need to sit there and be a part of it.

    Of course, that's probably why I wouldn't run for office.

    btw: I'm still not voting for him.


    I gotta say I am in complete agreement with Tim (mark this date on the calendar)except I would have beat the interviewer with his own microphone before walking out. I am also not a fan of Romney and won't be voting for him.


    I remember my mom making a comment about not voting Kennedy because the Catholic Church would then rule the country. Thank God she thought the same thing about Romney. My mother is rabidly pro-choice. Oh, I am too. damn that almost looked strange.


    Romney's a Mormon? Did I know that? The news doesn't come in very well under my rock.

    If you had to guess today, right now, who would you say is going to be our next President?

    The Angry Young Man

    I agree with Tim and Cherise. Romney did handle himself rather well, all things considered. The DJ is not just a tool, but an idiot as well. He wants a president who'll stand up to the SCOTUS and refuse to cooperate with their findings? HELLO?! Let's undermine more than two centuries of juris prudence based on respect for the rule of law and turn the US into yet another banana republic. At least Romney was smart enough to disagree with this notion, if he was just a little too nice about it. The DJ is an asshat who doesn't understand the complexities or subtleties of law - common, civil, or canon. It steams my goat that this guy is spewing forth such nonsense and the idiotic peasantry of Iowa is listening to it and believing it. He oughta be rounded up, I say!


    How's that quote from Clueless go?

    Mitt's a Monet.

    From a distance he looks alright, but up close he's a big ole mess.

    "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMessyMitt."


    I would like to punch both Romney and the interviewer.


    is that the only good thing about him? is there anything uptnilfig or redeeming about him? if he were somehow enlightening even while being disturbing i'd still think he at least deserves consideration.however, definitely aesthetically pleasing doesn't necessarily equal good presidential canditate in my mind. I can think of a few physical features that i would classify as not good even though they are meant to be nice to look at .but how does the nation ever come to a consensus on something like this anyway?

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