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    so THAT'S where you've been hiding...no wonder you don't answer your phone!

    how many times do I have to say it? dang good writing about a dang interesting life.

    a rose is a rose

    the grrrl had smart 'rents

    CV Rick

    Mark, I never hid the fact that I was going on vacation.

    Rose, she did . . . absolutely. A million times smarter than mine.


    I know that, I just thought you'd be back by now! I wish I was my own business owner so I could take off two weeks for my birthday! ;)


    Ahhhh, the blessings of an over-zealous Mormon family seeking out every opportunity to bear their testimonies to unsuspecting heathens. Makes me want to cry. No, really. It makes me want to cry because my family is just as loud, annoying, and Mormon as they come. I'm going on vacation with my family next week and dread it. I hope I can just relax and enjoy it, but thats probably too much to ask.

    Great story. Well written and heart-felt.



    That's so sweet and sad at the same time. I can't imagine being 14 and having to go through all that crap in front of my summer crush; I'm mortified for you! ;) I said it before but I dont know how you managed to end up so wonderful when your family was/is so fricken weird. I'm glad you are having a great vacation, you needed it. :)

    Sister Mary Lisa

    This story explains perfectly the humiliation that is felt in times like that. I can't imagine your horror at the moment the testimonies began, let alone when they forced YOU to bear yours.

    Just remembering that horrid feeling makes me want to throw up. Twice.


    Oh the mortification of it all. It's bad enough to have to endure such crap, but at the age of 14 in front of a girl. My embarrassement is monumental.

    I could just see you mumbling your way through the testimony with blazing cheeks, head down, and your toe begging the dirt it was kicking to just open up and swallow you whole.

    And yet you grew up so nice inspite of them all.


    Really good story. I am a non-mormon and live in Utah so I'm able to connect with pretty well, albeit in a somewhat reverse fashion.


    this is such a cute story, I have to respond.. can't bevilee no one responded yet..I heard of a story like this.. it ended up in marriage. cute, cute.. I hope it works out..You have to talk to her.. not professing love, but small talk.. movies, books, weather, color of shirt, awesome deli around the corner.. little compliments help.. catches our attention.. I like your scarf, I like your shirt, that's a good color on you, your hair looks different- it's nice, you smell good- do you wear perfume?She's talking with her ex b/c she doesn't have anyone else she can talk to. usually when its an ex, it means that she's not stable enough to be independent.. she needs a crutch to move out to talking with other people.. things are always worse in a breakup than let on.. break ups happen for reasons.. but be on the alert if she's intitating talking with the ex or he is.. it'll tell who is more interested in who.. careful just be quiet for the most part and listen.. usually time and stability knowing someone is there for her helps.. be the solid friend, the stable friend..You've known her for a while, you need to break out of the.. he's just there always and I'm not scared b/c it'll never be anything so I'm in a comfy zone.. you need to up it.. by comments like that's a nice perfume.. something that lets her think you see her as sexy.. as a romantic potential not a best friends potential.. comfort of knowing someone that long throws you into just friends category automatically.. slowly test the waters with the i'm interested in you compliments' but nothing too bright and showy.. don't go for shock.. you've known each other too long.. you have to ease the idea of you two together slowly.. make it plausible and solid..go places together.. coffee, shopping districts.. like outdoor mall area, having her advice for presents for your parents or siblings, comment something you see would actually look good on her..mixed signals are okay.. it means you're in the ballpark.. she's thinking.. but you need to make an advance and be solid, not shy away....and.. gotta say.. if you don't make a move to hold her hand, hug sweetly- a moment longer than normal, or kiss her cheek or something early on (something sweet but please not sleezy) then you risk the girl thinking.. okay.. it's been too long.. something is wrong.. he's going to be in the just friends category and I am going to have a hard time putting him into another category b/c this is just going to get comfy and there are no expectations.. I'll spend time with a friend and hope one day the sweetheart I know is out there will find me and we'll do coffee and he'll sweep me off my feet and I'll be telling everyone stories about how sweet really is....sometimes it's nice to meet someone completely new b/c there are no expectations of what the person is like before not personas or ideas to break through or a new light to see someone in.. you have to work hard at showing you want another level....build a foundation of friendship, but hint sweet things to show the interest of girlfriend not girl is friend.best of luck.


    Hey Mama Speak - I have Sjogrens & Raynauds, Rheumatoid Arthritis, am allergic to all anti-biotics but one and all that, too! What a bunch of lucky girls we are!But KIKA, my girls and I all ourtgew eczema, grass allergies and asthma. Your baby will be just fine!Scary, though. I sure get that!


    "you don't talk to me that way!" if we tell her to do something..or she'll say "if you say that again I'm going to hit you" if we tell her no. It's acaltuly really funny if you see this in person because her face is hilarious when she's so serious and mad. But, this behavior is not tolerable and I give her a warning and if she continues to be naughty, then into the corner with her nose she goes! I do believe in spanking as well, but I reserve it for very serious things so that way when it happens, they know i mean business. Public is a little more tricky because there is no corner...and if you even THINK the word spanking, you are afraid someone will turn you in! When my girls were Lailey's age and acting out in public, it took no more than 2 times with both of them (Cammy isn't old enough for this yet, but it will happen), to take them in to the bathroom and make them stand there until they decided to act better. Once in the bathroom I got down to their level and very sternly told them that they had better straighten it up or we would get in the car and go home for a spanking and that meant no toy or treat (if they were getting something). I remember when my middle girl started throwing a fit and I did that, we were in there for like 10 minutes before she finally stopped crying and I've never had to take her in there again. I've had to threaten it and she knows it won't be fun, so she stops whatever she's doing. I feel like the key is getting down in their face, MAKING them look and listen to you and talking slowly and sternly. Let her know that you mean business and that you WILL leave if you need to and that she will not get a special something as a reward for bad behavior. Now, for the hitting, we've got this problem with our older girls even now sometimes. I will either put them straight into the corner with their nose in it, or, I'll acaltuly pop them back and ask them if they liked how that felt. Usually that stops it right away. I know poor Lailey is in the hospital sick and her poor mom is probably beyond exhausted and I hope that when you read this, all is well on your end!Amber


    Not that this makes it any easier but I too am sorry for this laestt setback. I have stated before that I read a great deal. I often have to read what is right here as opposed to reading for quality, and as a consequence I have read some pretty bad stuff. My take on the publishing industry is that it take a confluence of numerous events that have nothing to do with the QUALITY OF THE NOVEL to actually get it published in the mass market. I won't patronize and tell you your novel was great, I have never read any of your writing outside of this blog and the QV strip, but I like your voice and feel that a novel would be worthwhile reading. Might I suggest you take a twist on your prod. company name and consider the possibilities of 10,000 novels handed to monkey editors? Just a matter of playing the odds that that something good will get published despite all their efforts to the contrary. Keep writing Pab, and don't confuse rejection by publishers with considered judgment of quality or ability.


    Geoff Turpin - The photos are great. They show obiuvos beauty, a daring sexiness, a certain coyness and an unmistakable shyness.I can’t get my head arround the ones where you tripped, fell on the fence and can’t seem to get off. I would lose those two.

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