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    a rose is a rose

    i am a daughter of the moon. this by far has been MY favorite piece of yours (plus it's very aboriginal)


    Wow, Rick... What pleasant surprise, a very unique blog.:) Reminded me of this:

    The sun descending in the west,
    The evening star does shine;
    The birds are silent in their nest,
    And I must seek for mine.
    The moon, like a flower,
    In heaven's high bower,
    With silent delight
    Sits and smiles on the night.
    -William Blake

    CV Rick

    I'm glad you both liked it . . . I imagined the conversation while walking my dog through the park, seeing the moon in the South and the sun in the East.

    I think it might be flash fiction . . . I don't really know, I've never written flash fiction before.

    Tim?? Are you there? Is this flash fiction?


    I am reminded of Neil Gaiman's Sandman and a very very old ritual of "calling down the moon."

    And Sideon left the room, revelling and thinking, and avoiding the 'buzzfeed' to the left featuring "man boobs."

    CV Rick

    Yes, often the Buzzfeed ad is highly inappropriate.

    LOVED Sandman. Loved it. Gaiman lives about 5 miles from me, by the way. His favorite bookstore is also my favorite - or close enough to my favorite for me to say so. I'm not a big fan of everything he's ever done, but Sandman stands out as an accomplishment.


    Baby, baby!

    I read that and was the whole time thinking...hmmm, I wonder who wrote this?
    Sorry, about "yelling day" this week. You are the best baby ever.

    Now what is truly funny is that you write beautiful emotional piece and then must work to categorize, label and name it. You are the Sun, I am the Moon. Our world doesn't work without both of us.

    Love you.

    CV Rick

    I'm only trying to categorize it in the respect that when submitting this to publications it is incumbent upon a new writer to identify the category of size and genre to which the submission fits.

    I'm so glad yelling day is over.

    Tim Mulcahy

    Without the moon there wouldn't be any life on earth larger than a bacteria. The earth would wobble on it's access. There would be no stable climate. The Sun should have more respect for the role of the moon for if humans weren't around to worship and glory in the Sun who would. Certainly not the martians or venusians or jovians or even an odd titan.


    Rick, I love this piece. The way you wrote it is definitely like a relationship between a man and a woman, as Sugar noted. I know I'm the moon too, and my sun tends to feel this way about me as well.


    It seems the book can deliver a vaisul and mental impact while we are approaching the Tang Poems. This reminds of the English translation of the Persian Poem by Edward Fitzgerald: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam. Ancient Oriental wisdom can shine through ages after ages from the East to the West in beautiful English too if the right format of expressing can be achieved.


    My children and some of my neceis and nephews attend the same small school where I teach. The other day my four-year-old asked me why her cousins had not yet arrived at school. I explained that they had a dentist appointment to go to and would be at school later. I went on to tell her that she and her sisters would soon be having dentist appointments as well. Armed with that information, she went running off to find her sisters. I over heard her saying, "The Petroviches (cousins) aren't here because they have a disappointment this morning and we're going to have a disappointment soon too!


    "Breanne ________" (insert her last name). Her little brhetor looked over at me.. and in a voice so small said..."her middle names Marie"- I guess I must have sounded just like Mom, and he figured i should have the whole name!! hee hee.


    I really wish i was more eihtgliennng and happy. I feel like i depress people. But its kind of fun being cynical haha, but at the same time i am probably the darkest cancer i know im a cancer sun, scorpio mooni beleive scorpio moon is a very strong scorpio placement. My friend is a gemini and my friend is a libra they have scorpio moons. the libra one makes jokes about rape, is SO cynical. The gemini makes jokes about killing and burning everyone. I think because cancer is kinf of sensitive i dont make cynical jokes. But when people get married i feel like its really cheesy


    something to her out of context she is very devsfeine and challenging, even with small irrelevent issues. i think her anger comes form venus in aries? not really sure. she is aloof towards other people's feelings but very in touch when it comes to her own! she's not abad person, and im not saying these combination of star signs make a bad person. but that what my sister is like!p.s in 23, shes 26!!!


    Dave this is awsome. You have mengaad to wipe the arse of fat boy slim, knocked the weight out of pendulum and put the fire out on prodigy.This fucking rocks.I can sense a little house of the rising sun but its more like the suns gone down and the house is strobe ing Ha ha.This should be on the main page Dave Well done

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