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    40? 40? I thought you were like 32?

    Like I've told you bud, I've enjoyed all your stories/postings here....keep it up, you'll have at least one hit a day! :P

    Success Warrior

    Make that two.

    I've known you for 26 years and I'm learning new things.

    Mark, he is getting kind of old, isn't he?


    ah, yah, HE'S getting old...he got carded the last two times we went to Old Chicago, and I didn't!


    i like the new style


    I don't think it is so much WHAT you write about as much as it is HOW you write that attracts me. There hasn't been anything on your blog I haven't enjoyed. My favorites are the Connect Four story, even with the tears and your tales about the trip to visit SW.
    You have a real knack of engaging your reader. So write what ever the hell ya want... I'll still like it, and really isn't that all that matters? ;)

    CV Rick

    We'll see how it goes . . . the writing's fun and the pressure's less. It's just flowing right now.


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