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    a rose is a rose


    i love pancakes and i make them for my family and friends. REAL maple syrup. heated up a bit. i read because of the weather this year, the crop will be abundant which is just FINE with me. i use maple syrup to sweeten many things from (soy) yoghurt to salad dressings

    i make them for me without eggs. they're not quite the same of course.

    by the way, doesn't the meringue break when in the fridge overnight?

    Success Warrior

    I used to eat pancakes at CV Rick's house and picked up the peanut butter and syrup thing. People think I'm crazy but pancakes don't seem right any other way now.

    CV Rick

    Rose, the meringue breaks somewhat, but too stiff and it's not good for pouring in the morning. You want it cloudy-soft for the batter.

    SuccessWarrior, it's good you came onboard with the Peanut Butter, but I truly apologize for forcing you to eat my parent's awful attempts at pancake making. Especially compared to your dad who can cook everything well.

    Success Warrior

    Your mom's bisquick pancakes were fine. She always treated me well.

    Yeah, my dad is a chef but there was a price to pay. Maybe I'll do a post on it to compliment this one.

    CV Rick

    Do that post, I'll cross-link it.

    Success Warrior

    Roger that.


    Tasty piece. Even if you do write like a chick. ;-)

    Success Warrior



    CV Rick

    for info - - I took a survey, using writing samples from this blog here: The Gender Genie.

    It said that my writing gender was female.

    And, thanks Amy . . . I'm a tasty chick-writer dude.

    Success Warrior

    My blog scored as:

    Female score: 418
    Male score: 843

    CV Rick


    Tim Mulcahy

    Gee I remember the good old days when Rick used to write relevant political blogs. Now he's limited to writing pancake recipes and bitching about daddy and his discomfort with his own spirituality.

    Remember Unspun Blog, remember Iraq, How about health care?

    This post sounds like he's having a mid life crisis and playing it out on the web for all the world to see.

    And Christ look at the comments. Now it's a coffee clotch for childhood recipes. My god. Why don't we all sit around navel gazing. Anyone want to hear a recipe for veal parmigian. First you take a long knife and slit a milk fed calf's throat and watch the blood flow down the center channel of your barn where it's collected, mixed with grain and fed back to the stupid animals that birthed the poor creater in the first place.

    Then after the twitching six week old creater, now hung by it's feet is done bleeding out ...

    Tim Mulcahy

    btw: Sorry for the typo. "Creater" should be "creature."


    Tim, Tim, Tim,
    The beauty of Rick's blog is it's variety. His blog is not stagnate, it can't be labeled into one boring category. It appeals to the masses as it touches on a wide scope of topics. Quit your bitching and join us for some coffee and pancakes! If your nice, maybe we'll let you into our quilting bee.


    Any two-bit fool can write a relevant poliitical blog! And too many of them do. But making a recipe interesting takes talent. Rick did it with pancakes, and your veal thing had potential, but it wasn't violent enough and the typos were distracting.

    I don't know if we should let him into the quilting bee, Cherise. He's got blood on his hands and he'll stain the fabric.

    Success Warrior

    I like the grab bag format but I'm not much into politics.

    If you are though, there are plenty of blogs and sites dedicated solely for that purpose.

    Sister Mary Lisa

    CV Rick,

    This post is great...I love the way you give a little cooking instruction, then delve into memories with your dad. Especially since I could totally picture my dad and his wheat food storage adventures. The texture is totally gross, I agree. My dad would soak wheat overnight in a pan, then boil it that way and make us eat it for breakfast in a bowl with milk. The texture got to me as well. **shiver**

    I'd eat pancakes with you anytime.


    This is great. I wonder how much they cost. We were wdieornng at international bacon day, if you guys have any Bacon Day plans that you would be willing to share with us and our readers. Thanks Alexa and the Bacon Boys


    Yum! They look mighty good!!! Here's a new combo I rlnectey tried that was very yummy!! Chopped peaches and cinnamon chips! MmmMmmGood! Gary is very good in the kitchen! He's great on the grill and he enjoys making breakfast, too! He also likes to do "throw it together" soups. You never know what he will throw in there, but it is usually quite good!


    Wonder Woman Much!? You amaze me, constantly, wteher it be the GORGEOUS hairstyles you do on your delightful little girls, your food or that little thing called PHOTOGRAPHY that you've seemed to master, I really adore you! <3 <3 <3


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