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    Nice blog, it went well with my morning cuppa. :)


    I call it the "pendulum effect." Conservatives have pendulums that swing far to the right -- which means their pendulums swing equally far to the left. Hence the moral majority senators who sexually harrass pages and the preachers whose "pendulums" slip into hired hootches.

    The Angry Young Man

    Dude, anyone who'd 86 Norm Coleman from a cigar bar (a CIGAR bar. Rick?!) is my hero for life. I detest Norm Coleman with a fiery passion. He's an opportunistic insect in the Lieberman vein. Simply put, Norm Coleman is a bad person. Also, handsome?! Norm Coleman?! His face looks like it was run over by a semi. To go from someone as likeable and noble as Paul Wellstone to that asshat was a tragedy.

    CV Rick

    Yeah, a cigar bar. Those are gone in the smoke-free Minneapolis and it's so much better on me and my allergies, but when you're new in town you hang out with friends where they want, not where you want.

    Other people have told me that Coleman's handsome, but let's just be truthful - what the hell do I know about the attractiveness of men?

    Amy, I think I agree with you, but the way your comment reads you place all deviance and dishonesty on the "left."

    Success Warrior

    Yeah, the pendulum probably doesn't swing from right to left, but from the image of living fundamental Christian values to their real life deviance from those values.


    All this pendulum swinging is making me dizzy!


    Good point, Rick. I should've been more careful with my choice of words (and I intended to use right and left in the directional sense, not the political sense, but they got mixed together through my slatternly verbal ways). SWarrior puts it well in the post below yours. And Cherise says it best of all in hers!


    I myself would have enjoyed meeting Mr. Wellstone. I have read up on him quite a bit and I too was saddened by the news of his passing. Great story. Too bad I was dreadfully slow in finding it. Timing is not my forte.

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