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    The Angry Young Man

    "In the religion of my parents and my uncles, I was shown how to rob the dead and lie about it."


    Success Warrior

    Those are key components of that religion.


    when my grandfather died, my aunt's oldest two boys got all the tools, they had them for a little while and suddenly they were all gone, but the one boy had a nice new engine for his car....hmmmm

    I'd KILL for some of those OLD, GOOD tools, not like most of the crap put out today.

    CV Rick

    Religion is an excuse for any behavior. You can do some really bad things and just go get absolution - - - or do them in the name of the church, like genocide against a whole continent, and it's okay.

    I really do hate religion. I hope that comes out in my blog.

    a rose is a rose

    my noni (grandmother) died at 102. she lived her life (well after she came to the united states that is)in connecticut. something ugly happened toward the end of her life and my aunt and uncle in maryland whisked her away to live with them. a battle between them and my other aunt and uncle in connecticut. of course my father was the one in between - hearing it from BOTH sides. at any rate, my dad and i drove to maryland the summer before she died - just for a visit.

    a short time after she died (she WAS buried in connecticut next to her husband) a little package came for me.

    it was her wedding ring. the diamond is tiny but to me, it's worth a kazillion dollars. she wanted ME to have it (and i'm not even the oldest grrrl granddaughter).

    i'll bet i would have liked your gramps and i KNOW you would have liked my non!

    CV Rick

    I know I would've Rose.

    Families can do the ugliest things.

    A friend

    You should not blame religion on the sins of man. Deep down, we all know what is right, what is correct. If we find excuses and find ways to convince ourselves that what we are doing is right when we know we are wrong, then we have only ourselves to blame.


    Islam favours first the riogeiln,and if it is beatiful inaddition and wealthy,and..etc what do you think!It is your choice,but the prophet said that .There are4 reasons generally people marry women for; riogeiln;wealth;family famousity;and race,and he said take the religious one you will win.but your friend must be involved in a long discussion so as to make sure that they chose for him a perfect one as he who will line with her so close.Regardind the cousin, it is just traditions in some tribes,and actually islam ,the prophet advice more if you go out of your family to achieve more relations betwen mankind,and medically speaking this helps to avoid inherited diseases.


    Peter,Thanks for contributing to the disuossicn. You are absolutely correct and I fully agree with you that conversion is the goal and this may vary depending on your specific product. The main thing that I want to add is that when it comes to increasing the quality of your sites' traffic, the best method that I've found to do this is to have a well run web 2.0 compaign, such a campaign should include blogging, article writing, as well as the development of other content that may be specific to your product/service. Re feral traffic that comes to your site from any of your off site resources is bound to be very high quality and by clicking on the link to your site they have already indicated an interest in your product or service.But again, everything depends on your industry, home competitive your field is, and a number of other factors.


    Elaine, I use a motion cntpumiog tablet, it is a tablet pc running windows 7 and a desktop version of Sketchbook Pro. Used prices for them range from 200-800 dollars. The one I use is the lowest end model and works amazingly well. There is a Wacom digitizer built into the screen for full pressure sensitivity in conjunction with the drawing stylus. I highly recommend it!


    microsoft have lots of express veoisrns of development tools just google microsoft express. There are also lots of open source programs for development but given that you didn't say what you wanted I cant really point you in th eright direction.License wise it varies from product to product and restrictions only really allpy in a commercial environment


    Hi Love your stuff Keep it coming and unrpadigg the world!I'm running c4d 11.5 using CS Tools – Daylight but it's not responding, there is some change in the lighting on application but the full change one would expect is not happening! playing with the user data sliders has no effect at all! AAAAH! Help.Thanks


    Perhaps one of the best allied hetalh schools in CT is Quinnipaic. My friend just graduated there with her nursing degree and loved it. The only problem is that any science major will require alot of attention due to lab work. nursing is no exception. not sure about state schools in CT but thats what I know.


    When using MoCam I've noticed that Cinema4D cnanot produce fields correctly when rendering. I believe this is because the camera motion is generated via xpresso and isn't plugged into cinema4Ds world coordinates. This problem should also affect motion blur. Has anyone experienced these problems using the other Camera tools? Are there any known workarounds for this?

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