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    You should warn me first if it's gonna make me weepy :)


    I commented. Yay. Or something. I don't know what to say, I guess I'm glad you like my art enough to post it on your broggeded.

    CV Rick

    Sweet . . .

    Medium read the brog, and commented!


    that was a great post. a good change of pace.

    CV Rick

    Thanks, Graeme. That means a lot, coming from you. I always read your blog and I consider you a fine analyst and a great writer.

    Sister Mary Lisa

    Rick, this post is beautiful. I would love to see some of your artwork. I admit I'm a good artist (it's what I'd love to do most of all) but I'm with you on the imagination factor. I can see in my mind's eye what I'd like to draw or paint, but I have to have reference photos or a real-life setup to copy or it's difficult for me. But I'll still do it if I can. Lately I've done portraits, which require copying in full. (whew!)

    The songs are beautiful too. As is the art you posted by medium.

    CV Rick

    Thank you, SML. It's one of my own favorites. Most of my artwork is at my parents house in an old dresser, next to the food storage shelves. If I ever get back to speaking terms with my parents I might try to get it.

    Sister Mary Lisa

    Or, just create something new just for me! **wink, wink, nudge, nudge**

    CV Rick

    I'll just fit that in during my spare time. ;-P

    But, if you're interested here's Medium's online gallery.

    Sister Mary Lisa

    Wow, tell Medium that I love the art there on the online gallery! Very talented indeed. I loved the piece titled "Jump."

    A friend

    I wonder what sort of things Beverly is good at that you are ignorant of...?

    Julie Loomis

    You have an amazing talent to bring the reader on a journey right next to you. Elequent,poignant and a beautiful picture of a slice of your life.

    CV Rick

    Thank you, Julie. That means a lot.


    Rick was much more than an actor; Rick was an INFLUENCE on all who came in contact with him!! Having known Rick since both he and mlysef were in our teens and having enjoyed playing music with him and singing with him in some bands, I came to know a very warm-hearted, happy and giving individual whose vocal talent was matched only by his love for his family and his faith in God. Yes, Rick will be missed by all who knew him and I will miss a wonderful friend. RIP my friend, and keep on singing in heaven, okay?


    Luckily I found your book, I'm reading it and like it imnmesely. It is almost unbelievable but I was a lifelong Dem until a few months after Obama took office when I became so disgusted with his lack of leadership and the party standing for nothing that I changed my voter registration to non-partisan as I couldn't stand to see Dem on my voter registration card. Before Obama was nominated, when I was 70 yrs old, I wore Obama campaign buttons eager to refute the belief that older women were for Hillary. I want change in the Democratic Party. I guess Obama's idea of change and mine are different. If Howard Dean had even a small part in the current administration or some connection I never would have left. His is the only refreshing voice. I wondered why he was shunned. Your book is explaining the politics to me and I'm not half way thru. I'll never vote Republican, I guess I' m more fiscally conservative, socially liberal. I would like to see the Pentagon,military, defense way downsized and lots of bases, including overseas ones closed. Have you read Fatal Embrace Christians, Jews and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land by Mark Braverman? A brilliant book!Congratulations on your excellent book!


    We may be interested in putitng our bird control as well as bio-pesticide products on your web site. Can you send me more informaiton. Who is your demographic? Where do your products sell? How does the selling process work? Do you stock our products? If you have any information that pretains to your customers please let me know what your site can do for our products. Thank you for your time.


    WOW!!!! is all we can say! Thank you so MUCH Julie! the pictures loloook amazing we cant wait to seee the rest of them! You are an amazing photographer! We will need some of your buisness cards to passs out for sure!Thank you!


    I’m sure Dean is a little peecocupird to read or respond to these posts, but wanted to leave this little note none the less. I just finished the run with Dean in Terre Haute, IN and enjoyed the electricity and atmosphere he brought to my home town. I wished I could have had time to tell Dean my story in person, but I understand his celebrity status and the demands on his time. What I would have liked to tell Dean is how much he has motivated and inspired me as a runner.About three years ago I went through a bout of Cardiomyopathy and my Doctor suggested cardio training for my long term recovery. I currently live in the Indianapolis area, which hosts one of the largest half-marathons in the world, and always had running in the event as a bucket list item. So, I chose running as my cardio training. Early in my running, when there were days I could not run more than 5 minutes at a time, someone loaned me Dean’s “Ultramarathon Man” book. After reading his book whenever I wanted to stop, I simply thought about the feats Dean was able to endure and accomplish. His story inspired me to push myself a little farther and to not quit. Dean’s inspiration motivated me to check off one of the items on my bucket list, as I ran my first half-marathon only six months after my first feeble run. I have since read all of Dean’s books and shared the many stories with my friends and my 12 year old daughter. My daughter and I even went to the theater to see a screening of the documentary made about Dean’s 50 marathons, in 50 days, in 50 states. My daughter too caught the bug and has since run several 5k with me. I only wish she could have been with me today. So, Dean… THANK YOU for sharing your passion and inspiring others like my daughter and I.Larry in Indianapolis


    I support the ileads of the bible which says america is mystery babylon. built and grown in witch craft, killer thief and destroyer. and not a vote will save her, shes marked for destruction by the most high.and Thats the TRUTH


    Anonymous - hi graeme, chyrel herethe pictures look fab ( told you i kept up to date with your blog)the pics look fab. cant wait to see the rest. can i just say you were brilliant on the day and were the only one who kept me sane !!!!ive been telling paul im missing you already as you were as big a part of my day as he was.(didnt go down too well). i will keep checking the site for the rest of the photos, speak to you soon chyrel xxx

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