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    Success Warrior

    Did you get to play bingo?

    CV Rick


    the flight was too bumpy

    can you imagine the already-shaky with big bingo markers . . . the passengers exiting the plane would look like they'd been the losing team at a Paintball tournament.


    the baggage handlers were just mad tha tyou didn't have any good drugs they could steal out of your bags to sell or get high on, so they trashed your bags! :)

    CV Rick

    I don't know why they'd be mad . . . I was on a flight of geriatrics, there was bound to be an entire pharmacology for them to buffet on.


    you bag was the ONE that DIDN'T have a fix, that's why!

    britt aamodt

    Uhm, Rick, maybe I came into this blog late in the discussion, but why were you on a flight to Wendover with a bunch of drunken geriatrics? Stumbled onto the wrong plane? The victim of a heartless frat party prank?

    Very curious.

    Wonder what Batman would do if he were sealed in at 20,000 ft (or whatever altitude 737's make their home at) with this bunch? My answer: Take out the Batarang and make apologies later.

    britt aamodt, who has never been to Wendover

    CV Rick

    Well Britt,

    I was visiting a friend who, unfortunately, lives in Wendover. The flight and hotel are practically free - they give all that away just to get people there.

    Batman would punch his way out and dive from the plane to his death . . . he's much less tolerant than I am.


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