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    Mesh, huh... At least I wear actual shoes when I take ours out. Then the socks don't matter. Might as well have gone out in bedroom slippers... Those fuzzy pink ones you keep by the bed. :p

    Success Warrior

    With the rabbit face and ears?

    Ricky T, you still have those?

    CV Rick

    Damn it. Can't a man have some privacy on the internet?!?!?

    Success Warrior

    You're starting to sound like a politician or evangelist now.


    wow, a hardened vet like you can't even walk his dog in winter in MN? I walk out BARE foot to get the paper all year long....I have decided...no "man" points for Rick!


    Banned? From Angie's place? Inconceivable! In any case, at this point, as you suggest, the acnyrom STP should probably stand for the Same Three People as far as the DNA is concerned.I've not run into Troy at bb's place, but I've noticed their schtick elsewhere - the one where they pat each other on the back for their most excellent comments without letting on that, you know, they're married and all. Weirdos.Anyway, about the nuclear thing, are you kidding? J. Robert Oppenheimer at your service. So, by the way, you wouldn't happen to have any screen shots of info that Angie has scrubbed from the net? If not, no worries. Just askin'.


    If THAT PERSON sat next to me on the train, I would move my seat. Just sayin' .very FARGO, I'm gonna stuff you into a wood-chipper-ish. Sorry Rick, you know I love you, and I DO like those kinda' hats, but somehow this one is wrong .color? ..shape? .visor? . ratt? it just msesis.[]

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