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    Success Warrior

    Mine would probrably be quite the collection of red and green squigglies.


    as long as you stay away from Ninja DRIVING!

    Success Warrior

    Louise probably wants you to stay away from ninja peeing as well.


    If he wants to wear it in his elimination rituals, it's really non of my business. So long as he cleans up afterward.

    I insist that he wears a blindfold, often, actually. It is so much easier to surprise him. Plus, I like it when he is all hands.


    Ha! That's great!

    "If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid."

    Yeah, I may read when I drive, but I probably wouldn't try blindfolded Zen Driving...


    Wow. I am a very good touch-typist but I am also very old school. I actually prefer to compose on a typewriter--I like seeing the typed words appear on an actual piece of paper. I like the sound of the keys striking the page. I like the way it looks like progress, to see all these pages accrue.

    But I might try this blindfolded thing just the same, because why the hell not?

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    CV Rick

    You're welcome, Holly. Thanks for dropping by. There's a lot of good stuff over on your blog as well . . . I think I'll be spending some time there.


    CV Rick, you are a creep. Or may be I am just to uncoordinated for blind typing.


    That's some hardcore fiction writing.

    Ricky Cisco

    Hey Ninja Rick,

    I recently discovered writing blindfolded. The idea occurred to me when I was in bed writing down some thoughts in the dark. I have pretty good keyboard skills so I thought it might be productive. Today I was able to write quite a bit in a short amount of time for the reasons you point out. I cant give in to the temptation to self edit, Im not distracted by anything visual - and I am completely immersed and lost in my own thoughts and the visualization of what im writing. It was a great experience and something I will continue to keep doing. I've never heard of it being done before so I googled it and your blog is really the only thing that mentions it. Awesome find! Take Care Rick!



    I'm not doing most of the cooking in my house, so it's not quite the same thing, but I plan the menus and do the bulk of the sopphing. I definitely do hit the 'omigod, not THAT again' phase pretty regularly, but usually fight it by looking through recipes in cookbooks or on websites that I haven't used in a while. Sometimes finding an old standby (usually something lighter I find this most often hits me when I'm eating a lot of heavy dishes) inspires me again. Other times it's something new and shiny. Or a new ingredient, or a food I love that I haven't eaten in some time.

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