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    When I saw the title of this blog Mormon mentality thtguhos and asides by peculiar people , I just knew that here was going to be an angst-strewn wasteland of souls in torment.It seems I wasn't far wrong.I am not a Mormon (nor am I gay) but I do meet with Mormons on a regular basis and have had some very enlightening discussions with them. There is not a single Mormon I know who will claim that he or she lacks Christian charity and yet these same Mormons will assume the divine right to sit in judgement on others a judgement, incidentally, based upon the judgement of more' others as to what it was that Jesus taught while he was on earth.The greatest teaching of all that Jesus promulgated was about the casting of the first stone. There is not a single Mormon I have spoken to who does not accept that he/she is tainted with original sin and that this sin will not be washed away until acceptance after death.How is it possible for one sinner to sit in absolute judgement on another in a secular world?There is something inherently evil in any organisation that can set itself above the will of God.God is acknowledged as the divine creator of all things so it stands to reason that God created homosexuals. He didn't discard his creations as being abominable, instead he blessed them with wisdom and a larger than normal capacity for the love of their fellow human beings. What man in what position on this Earth has what power granted by what divinity to cast aspersions against one of God's own creations?Man thy sin is vanity.Vanity thy sin is existence.If you live with homosexuals in their home it is your duty to respect the rules of that home and to be polite and accommodating. Should you be asked your religion and you were to say that you are a Mormon, I doubt very much if your hosts were so lacking in Christian ideals that they would ask you to leave. If, however, you lacked sufficient Christian moral strength to acknowledge the good that is obviously surrounding you and not allow what you see to moderate what you have been taught, you add the sin of intollerance to the sins of pride and vanity.

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