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You'll see the world through my specially tinted glasses. They're tinted with the experience of being raised as the son of a military man, of being raised in a strictly Mormon household, of growing up to serve in that same military and to have experienced combat in the Middle East. My view of the world is that of expanding my universe and coming to realize that much of what I was taught to believe isn't true.

I've been to all the United States and a dozen or more countries. I've lived on three continents, been to five, and look forward to seeing the other two.

I've been a G.I., an engineer, a craftsman, a contractor, a writer, a game designer, a programmer, a student and an athlete.

I've been middle class and I've been poor.

- Rick


Hobbies? Interests? Authors? Come on . . . I like a lot of things and they aren't going to all fit in right here. That's what my blog is about, finding out what I like and what I've done and where I'm going and why it all makes sense. I like writing and basketball and OU football and reading and arguing politics, although the last one makes me so angry that I can't believe I like it. - Rick the annoyed